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Apotheosis (LOGO).png
Apotheosis (LOGO).png

Apotheosis is a Webcomic created, written, and illustrated by Jacob Updyke, detailing the story of a world under siege from monsters called Cryptids.

It's a project that's been in development for years, and was initially
conceived as a one-shot animatic. The premise follows the characters Lucien, Miles, Jane, and Piers, exploring a ruined and transformed US North East with the goal of reaching New York City. 

Although the project was originally conceived as an animatic, the narrative grew longer and larger, eventually becoming too grand for a single short. From there, the story was reimagined into a digital web series which now releases the first of every month at twelve pm eastern standard time. 

Click below to read the official webcomic free on Webtoons, or support us by checking out our Patreon!

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