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Butchery (LOGO).png
Butchery (LOGO).png
About the production (LOGO).png

Butchery is a live action short film that was being produced as part of an Extended Learning Opportunity (ELO) hosted by SCAD. I joined Butchery in February of 2023. My work was primarily involved in the preproduction of the film, working on beat boards and story boards. My job was to try and figure out how the shots should look and what the style of the film would be before we began production.

The set was unique because it being an ELO meant that the film crew would only have one day to shoot everything. Because of this the biggest challenge of preproduction was making sure that everything we needed was prepared months in advance to ensure the shoot went smoothly. Much of my work was planning out how the camera would move on the set and coming with designs for the art department. Using a combination of Sketchup and Photoshop, I designed rough beat boards to show how some of the shots could look, as shown below:

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